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Q: Do I need to charge both the transmitter and the receiver together?

A: No. The transmitter and the receiver can be charged separately if necessary.

Q: How can I tell if my transmitter needs to be recharged or the 9V battery replaced?

A: The transmitter indicator light will flash when the Continuous button is pressed.

Q: Can I change the operating mode on my transmitter?

A: Yes. Refer to the Program the Remote Transmitter section of your owner’s manual.

Q: Will the signal from my SportDOG® electronic trainer interfere with another SportDOG electronic trainer?

A: No. Each SportDOG system has its own frequency ID code so that other SportDOG systems will not experience conflicting signals.

Q: If I am not going to use my SportDOG trainer for several weeks. Are there any precautions I need to take?

A: Your system should be fully charged every 6 weeks to keep the batteries viable.

Q: What can I do if my transmitter will no longer communicate with my receiver?

A: Follow the steps in the Resetting the Collar Receiver section in your owner’s manual.

Q: How do I program my receiver to the transmitter?

A: Refer to the Reset the Collar Receiver Section of your owner’s manual.

Q: Will it damage the receiver if my dog goes swimming?

A: No, your SportDOG receiver(s) are waterproof and submersible.

Q: How do I know if my collar is placed correctly on my dog?

A: You’ll need enough room to slip 2 fingers under the collar placed on the upper portion of your dog’s neck.

Q: Will the receiver that came with my system, only communicate with the transmitter model that came with the system?

A: Any of our SportDOG receivers will program to any of our SportDOG transmitters. Please refer to your Owners Product Guide for instructions on resetting the collar to the transmitter.

Q: If I unplug my unit after it is fully charged, and immediately plug it back in, will the unit start flashing again?

A: No. The flashing full charge indicator is based on a timer and will need to “cycle” again, even though the unit is fully charged.

Q: What if my unit(s) begin flashing while they are charging before the recommended charging time has completed?

A: Continue to leave your system on the charger for the full charging time as described in the manual.

Q: Can my dog wear his tags on the training collar?

A: We recommend that tags be located on the top of the collar. Metal tags coming in contact with the probes can drain the battery.

Q: How do I pair my FP-RANGER-E Remote Transmitter to the SportDOG® SDR-AE Receiver Collar?

A: Click here for pairing instructions (instructions in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German, and Danish)

Q: How do I pair my FP-SCOUT-E Remote Transmitter to the SportDOG® SDR-AE Receiver Collar?

A: Click here for pairing instructions (instructions in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German, and Danish)


Q: Can I attach a lead, rope, chain, or other length of containment to the bark control collar?

A: We recommend you do not attach these to a bark control collar to avoid the probes protruding into the dog’s neck and risking damage to your dog.

Q: Can I leave the collar on 24 hours a day?

A: We recommend that collar be worn no more than 8 to 10 hours a day.

Q: Will another dog that is barking, cause my Deluxe NoBark 18 bark control collar to accidently correct my dog?

A: No the collar requires vibration and sound to activate.


Q: How many hours will my beeper run on the 3-volt lithium battery?

A: It should provide 60 to 100 hours of on time.

Q: Why does my beeper have a slight rattle?

A: That is the motion sensor inside the casing that signals the beeper to switch from run to point mode when Point/Run mode is selected.